There's a 'Build Back Better' Song, and It's as Bad as You Can Imagine


Remember Schoolhouse Rock? Back in the ’70s and ’80s, when Saturday morning TV was worth watching, Gen X kids like me along with some late Baby Boomers learned their math, science, grammar, and history by watching cartoons.


One of the most memorable Schoolhouse Rock cartoons was the one that explained how a bill becomes a law:

Schoolhouse Rock was so effective that you’ll see it invoked in so many places. Back in 2014, Saturday Night Live even parodied “I’m Just a Bill” to make fun of Barack Obama’s propensity to govern via executive order.

Well, now there’s an organization called Care in Action that has released its own Schoolhouse Rock takeoff, this one hawking Build Back Better. And it’s awful.

Thank God the song is only 30 seconds long. With lyrics like “I’m a bill with critical and historical investments in child care, health care, climate care, immigration, and more,” it’s not exactly a barn burner. I don’t think kids will remember this one fondly when they grow up. And let’s not mention how horrible the animation is.


Yes somehow, somebody thought this song was a good idea.

Who does Care in Action think will watch this video and change their minds on Build Back Better? That part’s unclear, but at least the left is giving us something to laugh about with this lame song and its accompanying video. Especially when Build Back Better itself is no laughing matter.



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