U.S. Media and Students Do Precisely What Hamas Leader Urged

AP Photo/Knoxville News Sentinel, Megan Boehnke

When you fit the bill exactly for requested actions from a major terrorist leader, it might be time to reassess your life choices. Unfortunately, that is exactly what American students and journalists are unlikely to do, even though their actions are being enthusiastically urged by a Hamas leader.


On May 18, Khaled Mashal — a Hamas leader conveniently living abroad rather than in the war zone of Gaza — delivered an address to the Flood of the Free conference in Istanbul. Don’t be deceived by the title, as it was hosted by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. During that address, according to MEMRI, he claimed that the Al-Aqsa Flood, the terrorist term for the Hamas conflict that began with the Oct. 7 atrocities, is “good for Mankind because annihilating the Zionists is good for humanity as a whole.” 

So the same Hamas leader who explicitly avowed his group’s genocidal intentions said he was “grateful” to Westerners protesting for Gaza. That squarely puts Western protestors on the side of genocide.

Mashal, the same who said annihilating Jews would benefit humanity, stated, “We thank the great student Flood, which emerged from the American, European, and Western universities, and has reached all the countries of our nation. We are grateful for the spirit that we have witnessed in our nation, and in humanity as a whole. We are grateful to the free people of the world.” It’s ironic that he said “free people,” considering that Muslim nations are always oppressive dictatorships, with Gaza as no exception.

The jihad leader, whose Hamas underlings brutally raped, tortured, massacred, and kidnapped Israelis of all ages, claimed that Gazans are displaying “nobility.” The evil Islamic radical droned, “We have an opportunity to change the world, and to make Palestine a blessing to Mankind, by annihilating the Zionists and their sinful enterprise.” This means that he wants Hamas and its allies to “continue what you started immediately following October 7.”


Yet not only do nearly three-fourths of Palestinians still support Hamas and Oct. 7, but Muslims and non-Muslims around the world have made spectacles of themselves supporting the Palestinian terrorists against Israel.

Mashal went on, “Continue your financial Jihad. We want a continuous financial Flood, in support of Gaza, to provide the people shelter, aid, and food, in support of the mujahideen, and in order to buy weapons for them.” Notably, the Biden administration has been among the governments that poured aid into Gaza despite Hamas still being in total control and stealing the aid.

Safely in another country, Mashal spewed propaganda:

We want the masses of our nation to remain in the streets, in support of the war in Gaza, Jerusalem, and the West Bank. They should declare their rage against the Zionists and their supporters. We want a flood in the form of a siege of the Israeli and American embassies. We want constant rage that will stop this aggression. We want a media Flood that will deliver its message. We want the truthful Palestinian narrative to reach far and to control all social media platforms and all forums. We want a legal Flood, like in the Hague. We should prosecute the criminal killers. We stand by South Africa and the countries that have now joined it – Turkey, Libya, and Egypt… there is blessed participation in the Jihad … We want total integration in the battle on the ground. Today, we want a Flood of Jihad and resistance.


Distance from Gaza, pontificated a man who is not risking his own neck, does not “absolve us” from the “honor” of “Jihad and resistance.” He referred back to the Muslims seizing Jerusalem from the Crusaders and urged a Muslim coalition to effect the same conquest by “blessed Jihadi flood” in the present.

“By Allah, the Al-Aqsa Flood war is good for all of you. It is good for the Arabs, the Muslims, your countries, your security, and stability,” Mashal declared. “It is good for Mankind, because annihilating the Zionists is good for humanity as a whole.” Disturbingly, many Western and American students, politicians, and activists seem to agree with him.



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