Scary: Candy Prices Up 13% This Halloween

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The brain-dead zombie in the White House strikes again. This Halloween, candy prices jumped a frightening amount over last year.

One of the scariest monsters in America this Halloween is Joe Biden, even though he sucks money instead of blood (hopefully). MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes reported on Oct. 24 on how the Ghastly Ghoul of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is draining your pocketbook this holiday.


If you’re planning to fill a plastic cauldron with fun-sized candies to hand out to all the cute kiddos this year, you’ll be shelling out more than ever. Datasembly’s latest Grocery Price Index shows the national average price of candy and gum is up a chilling 13% over last year. Overall grocery prices are up 6.2%.

UCLA supply-chain expert Professor Christopher Tang told ABC News the hike in the price of sweets is up largely thanks to overall inflation…The National Retail Federation says families in the U.S. will spent on average about $31.93 on candy, a marked increase from the $25.91 each household spent last year. Nationwide, the NRF predicts Americans will spend over $12 billion in Halloween candy in 2023.

Despite what leftist media hacks like to pretend, inflation has been steadily rising under Biden‘s presidency, even when the rate of increase slowed, making it difficult for many Americans to meet necessary expenses, let alone extra costs for fun holiday celebrations.

Tang explained to ABC News, “The labor cost has gone up a lot because of inflation. The workers need to have a higher income so that they can survive.”

He continued, “All the ingredients from wrapping paper to the basic ingredients like sugar, and also the cocoa beans that we have imported from Africa. So as a result, every single ingredient, element, and the wages are going up.” El Niño did hit the cacao industry too.

Flashback: Inflation Is Scary This Halloween


Of course, candy isn’t the only holiday expense. CPA Practice Advisor predicted at the end of September that a record number of Americans (73%) will participate in Halloween activities this year, and per person spending is up to a record $108.24. “The greatest increase in spending came from costumes, which are more popular than ever,” CPA Practice Advisor added. More people might be buying costumes, but with inflation, they will likely spend more too.

Sixty-nine percent of those celebrating Halloween plan to buy costumes, up from 67% last year and the highest in the survey’s history. Total spending on costumes is expected to reach a record $4.1 billion, up from $3.6 billion in 2022.

Total spending on decorations, which grew in popularity during the pandemic and continue to resonate with consumers, is expected to reach $3.9 billion.

Everything is more expensive under Bidenflation, including holiday fun. Unfortunately, Joe the Money-Sucker seems to have an insatiable appetite for draining Americans dry.



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