Blinken Panders to Murderous CCP, Promises No U.S. Support for Taiwan Independence

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Joe Biden’s cowardly secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is in China, kowtowing to America’s number one enemy–the genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Blinken even asserted, contrary to multiple previous assurances from the Biden administration, that the U.S. does “not support Taiwan independence”—and he even used a CCP propaganda phrase to justify it.


The CCP, which is an illegitimate, usurping, and mass-murdering dictatorship, continually blathers about the “One China” principle—by which they mean that they want to own the free, legitimate, and sovereign republic of Taiwan. The CCP, with its bloody rise to power on the bodies of 500 million victims, has no more right to rule Taiwan than it has to rule mainland China.

But yet one of the top officials of the United States of America traveled to China, where millions of people are persecuted, incarcerated, tortured, censored, and murdered by the CCP, and used the propaganda of that same CCP to legitimize CCP claims. This is disgusting and outrageous. It is castrated pandering to the greatest mass murderer of world history and our number one enemy.

Fox News reported:

“We do not support Taiwan independence,” Blinken said in a press conference on Monday. “We remain opposed to any unilateral changes to the status quo by either side. We continue to expect the peaceful resolution of cross strait differences. We remain committed to continuing our responsibilities under the Taiwan Relations Act including making sure Taiwan has the ability to defend itself.

What the heck does the “status quo” mean? Taiwan is independent, so one would think the status quo would be an independent Taiwan; and yet, that is not what Blinken seems to think. Furthermore, since when does the “status quo” stand for what is right and just? Slavery used to be the “status quo” around the world, including in America, and still is in some countries. Religious persecution and dictator kings used to be “status quo.” That doesn’t provide any justification at all. Furthermore, “status quo” is the exact phrase used by the CCP propagandists. The U.S. secretary of State is literally using propaganda points from our greatest enemy to legitimize that enemy’s unjust and outrageous territorial claims.


Blinken then attempted a pathetically weak critique of the CCP:

“At the same time, we and many others have deep concerns about some of the provocative actions that China has taken in recent years going back to 2016,” Blinken added. “And the reason that this is a concern for so many countries, not just the United States, is that were there to be a crisis over Taiwan, the likelihood is that could produce an economic crisis that could affect quite literally the entire world”…

Blinken told reporters that the relationship between China and the U.S. took a “positive step” during his trip over the last two days and said his counterpart, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, agreed to visit Washington D.C., in the future at a “suitable time.”

All Blinken cares about is money. If the CCP took Taiwan, there might be an economic crisis! Oh no! Oh yes, and millions of people would probably die. But also we’d lose money and semiconductors (which, to give Blinken credit, we would indeed do). And anyway there’s all this “positive” dialogue going on, mere weeks after the CCP threatened the U.S. and Taiwan with being in “range” of “firepower,” and soon after the CCP rejoiced that a China-dominated world order appears to be superseding a U.S.-dominated world order. In fact, CCP state propaganda viciously attacks the U.S. on an almost daily basis.

Blinken said “it would be ‘disastrous’ for the U.S. to decouple and stop all trade and investment with China,” according to Fox. And there’s the problem. The U.S. economy is scarily dependent on China, even as the CCP ramps up hostilities. What Blinken should be saying is that it will be disastrous for America if we don’t decouple from China. But perhaps, like Biden, Blinken has already been bought and paid for by the enemy?


Maybe the Biden administration should focus on moving manufacturing back to America and warning the CCP not to lay claim to Taiwan, instead of inducing an economic crisis here and continuing to allow so many of our products to be made in China. But since Blinken’s boss, Joe Biden, and his family have received millions of dollars from China, even though the CCP openly avows its hostility to the U.S., I’m not holding my breath for any good solutions.


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