Time To Fight Dirty

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As a boy growing up, I was taught that there are certain rules one adhered to during a physical fight with another boy. The first rule was that you and your friends never team up against a solitary enemy. That's what gangbangers do. But if a real man has a problem with another man, that's a one-on-one fight. Anything else is dishonorable.


The second rule was that there is no hitting "below the belt." This, likewise, is a dishonorable way of fighting, reserved for cowards who wanted a victory without taking the risk of actually fighting.

The third rule is that, should your opponent give up, tap out, or otherwise submit, the fight is over. You don't kick a man when he's down.

The only times these rules should be overridden were if any of the aforementioned modes of fighting were being used first against you, if you were fighting to protect loved ones, or if you were fighting for your survival.

After witnessing the banana republic court spectacle in New York City this week, I ask our elected Republicans... have you seen enough? Are you going to continue lobbing limpwristed slaps at your enemy's shoulder as they continue to kick you below the belt? Are you still hiding behind the whole "civility" façade, which the Left abandoned decades ago? Or are you ready to actually man up and fight like our lives, our loved ones, and our liberties depend on it?

We need to start fighting dirty, like they do. If we don't, what remains of our constitutional order will continue to dissipate until all that remains is the totalitarian state they've been working for generations to achieve, complete with state censorship, show trials, and political prisoners.

And when I say we need to fight dirty, let me clarify what I am not saying. I am not saying that we should persecute innocent people, like the Left does. I am saying that we need to go full-throttle, no-holds-barred lawfare against those who do break the law and smugly get away with it.


After Trump derailed Hillary's 2016 coronation he, in the spirit of naïve bipartisanship, decided not to direct the Justice Department to pursue any charges against her for her gross mishandling of classified materials. The Deep State returned the favor by raiding his private home and charging him for the same crime that FBI Director James Comey wouldn't charge Hillary with.

Hillary got away with it.

Hunter Biden's laptop was discovered to have incontestable evidence on it that "the big guy," while vice president, had used his government position to leverage favor for his wayward son in Burisma and other overseas adventures. The now-infamous letter signed by over fifty former intelligence officials intentionally misled its readers with the baseless assurance that the laptop story was Russian disinformation. Attorney General Merrick Garland is not pressing charges.

Biden got away with it.

Former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper both lied under oath to Congress about their role in fabricating Russiagate. No jail time, no punishment for using their official government capacities to influence public policy through false allegations.

Brennan and Clapper got away with it.

Peter Strzok was Mueller's lead investigator against Trump. He used his position as Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence to try to "stop" Trump, per the texts between him and Lisa Page, his mistress with whom he betrayed his wife. He was eventually fired, he promptly sued, and of this past month is nearing a settlement with the Justice Department. No jail time, no punishment for using his official government capacity to influence an election. Just a fat settlement check, some talk show appearances, and a book deal.


Strzok got away with it.

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe illegally leaked information to the media about the ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation and lied under oath three separate times when investigated about it. Like Strzok, he was also fired and he also sued. He settled with the Justice Department, which agreed to rescind his termination, restore his pension, and pay all his legal fees on your dime. No jail time, no punishment for using his official government capacity to protect a political ally. Just a whitewash of his crimes, a CNN contributor gig, and a "distinguished visiting professor" job at George Mason University.

McCabe got away with it.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, in October 2020 and January 2021, made calls to his Chinese counterpart, assuring the Politburo that if President Trump attempted to launch a military attack against them in the waning days of his presidency, he would warn them beforehand. For treason of this magnitude, he should be swinging from a lamppost. Rather, he was vigorously defended by the Biden administration with not so much as a reprimand. He retired this past February and... you guessed it... teaches at both Georgetown and Princeton.

Milley got away with it.

The climate whackjobs who block traffic and destroy priceless art get away with it. The BLM mobs who burn down cities get away with it. The union thugs who overrun state rotundas get away with it. The Seattle CHAZ insurrectionists who seceded from the Union for nearly a month get away with it. The terrorist sympathizers who shut down campuses and physically assault Jewish students get away with it. The Antifa losers who burn historic churches and pull down statues get away with it.


They all get away with it. They always get away with it.

And the Trump conviction? Can't wait for our Republican representatives to launch a commission to investigate. Maybe they'll issue one of their unenforceable subpoenas by the time Hunter's unclaimed great-grandchild is handed the reins to an oil company in Kyrgyzstan.

We need to vet our elected representatives better, as most of them are cowards and traitors. We need to root out the McConnells, the Ryans, the Boehners, the Romneys, the Cheneys, the Bushes, the Hutchinsons, the McCains, and the Hogans. They and their ilk have proven themselves beyond worthless. If it means losing a purple state for an election cycle or two, so be it. I'd rather face a Democrat who tells us on the campaign trail exactly how he plans to shred our basic liberties — and then does it — rather than support a Republican who beats the Democrat, only to do exactly what the Democrat would have done in his stead.

We need to stop with the neverending Congressional hearings to nowhere and start hitting them with immediate consequences carrying tangible results. Cut off funding to departments that have weaponized the law against the citizenry. The IRS and FBI would be good starts.

Civil rights violations need to be filed and pursued aggressively against universities that don't take all necessary steps to protect their students, be they conservative speakers, Christian organizations, or simply Jews trying to get to class.  Likewise, lawsuits need to be pursued against any university that allows men to compete in women's sports or enter women's privacy areas.


Each federal department needs to be examined with a fine-toothed comb. Any and all extremists, terrorist sympathizers, and beribboned hacks putting their careers before country need to be ousted, and yesterday. Where the feds slow roll, the states need to step up to fill the gaps. But it can't just be Florida and Texas. Attorneys general in every red state need to go aggressively after any Democrat officeholder who even so much as daydreams about breaking the law. This is not "weaponizing" the law. The law has already been weaponized. To use it in the same manner against Democrats would simply be reverting it to its evenhanded application, as was originally intended.

To repeat, we should not wage lawfare against the innocent. But our representatives need to take off the pearls, get off the fainting couch, and start fighting like they actually have a spine. Any representative who wags his finger and admonishes us to accept the Trump verdict and respect the rule of law isn't worthy of representing us. The law no longer represents the pursuit and application of a blind, impartial justice. The law represents a political bludgeon with which one party is exploiting unabashedly to secure permanent power.  As such, we are no longer bound to respect it, and should oppose anyone who lectures us otherwise.

The rules of the game have changed. Election day is now election season. Judicial fiat nullifies constitutional liberties. To inquire as to the definition of a woman is "hate speech". And the legal system is being used by criminals to oppress the innocent. We didn't ask for this fight, but we are in it whether we like it or not. We can adapt to the battlefield we find ourselves on or continue getting routed while we long for the quaint days of yore. 


The fiercely abolitionist Quakers contributed absolutely nothing towards winning the Civil War, nor was slavery ended by peaceful legislative process. It was ended by the soldiers who slashed and burned their way through Mississippi and Georgia, backed by a Republican president who suspended habeas corpus, who emancipated slaves with a constitutionally-tenuous executive fiat, and who secured the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment via corruption and bribery. And they were right to do so. America is a better place because Larry Hogan's forefather wasn't president in 1860.   

They all get away with it. They always get away with it. If we win in November, our leaders must ensure that they don't get away with it, no matter how dirty the fight gets. We need to do to them what they've been doing to us, and we need the moral courage to do so. Fighting is dirty only if just one side is doing it.


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