Not a Joke: Biden Admin's Response to Taliban Violence Is a 'Strongly Worded' Letter

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The Biden administration is dealing with its deeply serious disasters in a deeply unserious way. Biden’s ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer Tuesday and said that the United States and its remaining allies worked really, truly, very hard on a response to the Taliban as it tightened its grip on Afghanistan.


That response — this is not a joke — came in the form of a strongly worded letter. Watch.

In the interview, Blitzer brings up a report from the UN secretary-general that the Taliban is already engaging in reprisals and violence across Afghanistan, particularly against women and girls. Thomas-Greenfield’s response:

“We are hearing from people in Afghanistan that they are getting threats from the Taliban, and we have expressed in no uncertain terms, here at the United Nations, through a very strongly-worded press statement from the Security Council, that we expect the Taliban to respect human rights including the rights of women and girls.”

A strongly-worded press statement? The Biden administration just went full Karen. Thomas-Greenfield would have asked to speak with the manager, but that’s the United States. Or was. Perhaps someone in Beijing will answer the emails that Jen Psaki ignored on autoresponse.

Thomas-Greenfield continued:

“We have also indicated that they have to be respectful of humanitarian law. And that we do not expect to see that Afghanistan will become a safe haven for terrorists.”

Meanwhile, on the ground in Afghanistan, women are literally being erased from public life. They’re no longer visible on the streets. When they do venture out, they’re now encased in the niqab, which erases their identity. The Taliban does not, never has, and never will respect humanitarian law. It respects no law but Sharia law. Sharia law forbids women to work or do anything on their own. There are reports of the Taliban taking young girls and forcing them into marriage — sex slavery.


The hard, cold fact is that the United States has no national leadership, which is to say, it has no leadership in power that is pursuing the nation’s interests. Joe Biden could not have humiliated America more and created a more dangerous world than he has if he had purposely set out to do so. He cut off our Afghan allies in the fighting season, denied them intelligence and air support, and shut down multiple U.S. bases of operation without even consulting with any of our allies — all ahead of the 20th anniversary of 9-11. This contributed to the Afghan military’s swift collapse. Then, Biden had the gall to blame them for failing to fight.

The Taliban controls more territory now than it did 20 years ago. One of the men in charge in Afghanistan now was released by Obama-Biden in the Bowe Bergdahl swap — which was itself illegal at the time. This is a catastrophe years in the making, which Joe Biden owns.

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Suppose for the sake of argument he steps down and we find ourselves with Kamala Harris, an already proven failure on the job her boss gave her — the border. She still has not gotten to within 800 miles of that disaster, which she and Biden caused. It’s a safe bet that some of the weapons the U.S. military hastily left behind in Afghanistan will find their way around the world and even to our porous southern border. Meanwhile, our military bases here will reportedly be used to house Afghan refugees. Those bases are already being used to house illegal border crossers. This is not what military bases are for. Biden is straining them at a time of great danger, after he already pushed them into woke ideological training.


On down the list past Pelosi and into the Biden cabinet, we find individuals hired for wokeness, not for their clear thinking or ability to advance America’s interests. Biden has hired no one who is not far left and devotedly woke, meaning, they hold an anti-American worldview by default. All of them.

The military is led by the woke Gen. Mark Milley, who admits he has been engaged in the study of communism and “white rage.” Whether he warned Biden about the disaster in Afghanistan ahead of time or not, the incontrovertible fact is that he and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have taken the military’s focus off of the objective of defending the United States, and placed that focus on divisive racist critical race theory stand-downs and woke reading lists. They are presiding over and have had a hand in designing the worst foreign policy and military humiliation in U.S. history. Both should hand in their resignations. If they had any honor they would have already done so.

But who would replace them? The next general or admiral up is likely to be as woke as they are and as feckless as retired Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman who wasted America’s time going after Tucker Carlson and appeared to encourage other U.S. military officers to follow suit. The next officer up is likely to be just as unserious as the current lot.


If Biden had a plan and it resulted in the present situation, resignations should follow. That plan has left thousands of Americans and allies stranded in what is now an Alamo analog in the heart of Kabul at the airport. It is surrounded by the Taliban, and they have already taken the civilian side of that airport. That plan has left billions of dollars of modern military weaponry in the hands of the enemy. That plan has left the United States humiliated and the world far more dangerous than it was a week ago. That plan has also forced Biden’s hand to deploy about 7,000 more troops, with an unclear and probably confusing set of rules of engagement — about three times the number of troops Biden withdrew so hastily, a decision he still does not regret but which has backfired spectacularly.

The evidence suggests there was no plan. For that, resignations should follow.

But no one should be under any illusions about the current predicament. The United States of America has no available leader in any position to guide us and the world through this catastrophe.


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