Joe Biden's Humiliation of the United States Is Boundless—and He Regrets None of It

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

As Afghanistan fell to the ravages of the Taliban, it became clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the outcome would be a historic humiliation for the United States. And so it is.

The implications for our security, for the stability of the world, for the Pax Americana itself are grave. This moment could prove to be a historic tipping point. As a student of history, I dread what’s likely to come. History is often larger than any man or woman, but our choices in moments do matter. What if George Washington wanted to be king instead of stepping down voluntarily? What if Santa Anna chose to imitate Washington instead of Napoleon? History turns on decisions in key moments.

Joe Biden gave his pathetic address to the United States and the world Monday and then briskly walked away without taking questions—as if he was abandoning the American people just as he abandoned Afghanistan and 20 years of war and the grudging, fragile progress won there with piles of American treasure and a river of American blood.

That blood had actually stopped in 2019, from an American perspective, and when Biden took office there were just 2,500 U.S. military personnel in country. He drones on about the false choice of endless war when the American presence was already minimal, far less than its presence keeping the peace in Asia 70 years after the Korean War. Another 11,000 to 15,000 civilians and contractors were still in Afghanistan, with no evident plan on the part of the Biden government to get them out safely. Most of them still are still there as the military deploys to provide some level of security. Biden walked away from them, too, when he walked away from the teleprompter. He walked away from the Afghan military that had lost an estimated 50,000 to 75,000 troops over the course of the war. He left them and our expensive, modern military weapons in the hands of the enemy. Here’s a glimpse of the situation Biden does not regret creating.

Biden also reportedly had not spoken with a single world leader — he no longer can be counted as one despite his office — until that got reported after he departed Washington for Camp David. Then he spoke with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who probably only picked up the phone out of respect for the historic relationship between the two countries. What useful thing could Joe Biden possibly say at this point? He could reiterate that he does not regret his decision, which only reinforces the reality now dawning on many.

Biden may not regret humiliating the United States weeks before the 20th anniversary of 9-11, but he certainly has done so. It’s difficult to think of a more humiliating way to mark that grim anniversary than to just see the world Biden does not regret enabling. He also may not regret releasing terrorists who now control Afghanistan, just as he did not regret counseling Barack Obama not to take out Osama bin Laden. Biden probably regrets nothing he has done despite the awful consequences.

Biden probably does not regret destroying our national security at the southern border. Biden probably does not regret bringing thousands upon thousands of COVID+ illegal aliens into the United States. Biden does not regret blaming Americans for the surge in cases. Biden does not regret misusing military bases to house illegal migrants and now Afghan refugees. That’s assuming many refugees can even get here. Thousands, hundreds of thousands, may die at the hands of the Taliban as it institutes the Afghanistan version of the killing fields.

Joe Biden regrets none of it.

Biden probably does not regret taking the military’s focus off winning wars and putting it on divisive, racist struggle sessions. Biden probably does not regret elevating a mushy mediocrity such as Gen. Mark Milley to the highest military post in the country. He does not regret any of the terrible incompetents he has placed in his cabinet. He regrets none of it.

He probably does not regret stomping on the necks of American energy producers, resulting, quite predictably, in the rise of gas and energy prices—just as the economy was set to recover from the lockdowns his party foisted on the American people, which he also does not regret. He does not regret depicting patriotic Americans as potential terrorists and arraying our woke government against his internal political opponents, which is an excellent and efficient way to destroy a nation. He does not regret the 15,000 elderly who died in Gov. Cuomo’s nursing homes. He does not regret any of it.

This is the key problem with Joe Biden. Not only is he incompetent — he always was and that was always obvious. Even Barack Obama recognized that and only belatedly endorsed him to stave off Bernie Sanders, who has ended up in control of Biden’s clownish administration anyway. Not only is Biden incompetent. He is dishonest, he is heartless, he is an awful partisan hack who has long proven his utter incapability to lead.

Joe Biden is humiliating the United States in Afghanistan and across the board with all of his policies. The superpower staggers to defend its own border while it cuts and runs from a battle overseas and begs OPEC to bail it out of high energy prices while he is systematically devaluing our currency, robbing everyday Americans of our earnings and our savings.

OPEC gave Biden the back of its hand. No one respects him now and no one will. Joe Biden is already easily the worst president of my lifetime and is well on course to be the worst president in American history.

And Joe Biden regrets none of it. Americans are learning, albeit too late, that Joe Biden is a heartless, ruthless, sick bastard, who is out of touch, mentally unstable, unpatriotic to his core, and also both arrogant and incompetent.


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