[VIDEO] Kid on Scooter Rips Down American Flag While Mom Watches

The date and place this video was taken aren’t known, but since we’re looking at a small novelty flag someone planted in their yard, it’s probably around July 4 and it may be along a parade route.


This kid has been taught to hate all of that.

He’s also been taught to hate the peace and prosperity visible just in this frame — nice, safe homes, late-model cars, well-maintained lawns, enough disposable income to afford a security camera, the evident safety of a neighborhood where riding a nice bike and scooter are possible. There are plenty of neighborhoods in America and around the world where it’s too dangerous to do that. There’s also an American flag the kid can’t reach on a pole on the house across the street. But he hates it all the same because he’s been taught to.

A woman who says she’s from Venezuela warned that such demonstrations lead to dangerous, dark places. History from the French Reign of Terror to Mao’s China backs her up on that. But too many of our schools teach a warped history casting a specific race and a specific country as history’s greatest villains. History’s real villains are probably cast as heroes.


Fox wrote up a brief piece about the video, but the Red Guard mainstream media are staying away — when they’re not symbolically setting fire to other symbols of our country and history and dousing them with rhetorical gasoline. The Twitter feed that’s spread the video the most is based in Canada, which is turning totalitarian before our eyes.

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It’s tempting to become numb to all this. The past year has seen the worst abuse of America from within and globally I can recall in my lifetime. Not even the Soviet Union was able to mount as effective a disinformation campaign against the United States as our media, academia, far-left activists, and the Democrats have mounted against the country in the past year. It’s no longer a given that future generations will experience the America we took for granted. They may tear it down.

That kid’s behavior is taught and it’s terrible.

Give me this kid and his attitude any day of the week. Some — hopefully most — Americans still love our country.



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