[WATCH] The Left Wants Us to Forget the One and Only Alamo, With Dinesh D'Souza and Gary Foreman

(AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

Gary Foreman has been a dedicated Alamo supporter and historian for decades. He put forward his first plan to restore the Alamo’s 1836 battlefield in the 1980s and has worked to preserve the Shrine of Texas Liberty ever since.


I’ve known Gary for several years now. There’s no more dedicated defender of the Alamo and its true story out there than him.

A woke new book called Forget the Alamo is on the market and it’s smearing the defenders, the Texas revolutionaries, and Texas itself.

Dinesh D’Souza interviewed Foreman on his podcast to get to the truth about the Alamo, the Texas Revolution, and the Left’s intent to destroy the heroes of history.

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