Can We Talk About Joe Biden's Horrible Choice to Give Putin a List of Things Not to Cyberattack?

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So, this is real. Joe Biden actually did this. Here he is on video admitting it.


“I gave (Putin) a list, if I’m not mistaken I don’t have it in front of me, 16 specific entities, 16 defined as critical infrastructure” that Putin should not cyberattack, Biden said.

We have questions.

Did Biden make Putin pinky swear, cross his heart and hope to die if he attacks items on the list anyway?

Does that list allow Putin a free hand to go and cyberattack anything in the United States that isn’t on it? “You didn’t put it on list, comrade, so we hack it,” Putin chuckles as he text Xi with a string of laughing emojis.

On what planet is it a good idea to give a potential adversary a list of things you do not want him to attack?

When you play Risk, the classic game of world conquest, do you give your competitors a list of countries you don’t want them to attack? Would you expect them to abide by that?

When you play Stratego, the classic strategy war game of intrigue, do you tell your opponent where your spies and bombs are? Do you honestly expect to win if you do that?

When you run for office, do you go meet with your competitor and hand them a list of the skeletons in your closet with a plea not to go after them? Would you expect any of those items to not end up in the media within a nanosecond?

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When has a competent commander of anything ever handed a list of targets to an enemy or adversary with a request that he not attack them?


What competent commander would then not expect his adversary to go straight away and attack those very targets? You’ve handed him a treasure map. Why would he then not go taking that treasure, checking items off the list as he attacks them?

Does Biden think he’s putting Putin on notice by doing this? Hopefully not, because he isn’t. Putin will spend the evening after a long day of meetings chuckling over a few vodkas at his good fortune in the president he now faces. The Russian word for “idiot” will be used frequently between belly laughs. Also: “puppet.”

You can bet everything you have and own, that if Trump handed Vladimir Putin a list of sensitive facilities and installations with a request not to attack them, the media would slam him as Putin’s puppet, a fool, a Quisling, and worse.

This is a serious matter. Did anyone around him say “Mr. President, do you really want to hand Vladimir Putin, a former KGB official, a list of things you don’t want him to attack? Do you think he might text that list straight to his non-state cyberattack squads with a LOL emoji?”

Because that’s probably exactly what Putin did.

To be clear, Putin already knows our weak points. The man has been studying the United States since he was a communist KGB officer. Biden’s list is just a nice little joke to him. Some apologists will say as much to laugh off Biden’s list. Don’t buy it and don’t let them get away with it.


When Joe Biden was at his sharpest, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he had been wrong on every international issue over the past 40 years. Biden is well past his best.

Now he is an active menace to our security. The border on his watch is overrun and allowing more fentanyl and other dangerous drugs, and the cartels that profit from them, to cross our border every day. He is endangering Israel and U.S. interests with his overtures to Iran. His fiscal policy threatens to bankrupt Americans through inflation and bankrupt the country by spending it off a cliff.

But handing Putin a list of things he considers vital and sensitive with a pretty-please not to cyberattack them ought to wake up his most ardent supporters. This isn’t a mere policy difference. It’s gross strategic stupidity.



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