Nancy Pelosi Is a Diversity Gender Term Hypocrite

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My colleague Matt Margolis reported that the Democrats who control the U.S. House of Representatives introduced “gender neutral” rules for the upcoming Congress.


According to Pelosi, the Democrats’ House rule changes will “honor all gender identities” by “changing pronouns and familial relationships… to be gender-neutral.”

Terms like “father” and “mother” would be replaced by “parent.” “Brother” and “sister” would be axed in favor of “sibling.” Under these rules, House members would be required to refer to their “husband” or “wife” as their “spouse” or their son(s) and daughter(s) as child(ren).

Pelosi has yet to set any kind of example for following the rules she would demand of others. This is her Twitter bio as of the authoring of this very post. Notice any gender-specific terms?

Screenshot of Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter profile.

Both “mother” and “grandmother” would be verboten under Pelosi’s new rules for the House.

Among the many issues with Pelosi and Rep. McGovern’s newspeak diktats, once again we see Democrats failing to live up to the very rules they intend to impose on everyone else. It’s basic leadership. Just basic character. If you demand something of others, you have to demonstrate your own willingness to carry out your own orders. Otherwise, you have zero credibility.

Pelosi isn’t living up to her own House rules. Neither is Rep. McGovern, the Democrats’ point man (sorry/not sorry for the gender-specific term) on “diversity.” Here’s his Twitter bio.

Screenshot of Rep. Jim McGovern’s gender-specific Twitter bio.

Both “dad” and “husband” are gender-specific. Why are they there? If McGovern really believed House rules he proposed are the right thing to do, he’d have proactively changed the terms where he has total control and it would have been more than a public gesture intended to stoke division.

He and Pelosi will likely change the terms in their Twitter bios now that they’ve been called out. That just proves the point.

Across 2020 we’ve seen Democrats abandon all pretense to live by their own rules and even attempt to tend to basic governance. Democrats defunded police in city after city, from Portland to Austin to Dallas to New York, and crime rates are — as I predicted — skyrocketing. Public safety at the city level is literally job one. Democrats abandoned it and bowed to unaccountable political activists. The latest example is Dallas, where a memo went out ahead of schedule showing that the Dallas Police Department is being ordered to abandon several basic law enforcement issues.

Democrats run Dallas. They’re running it straight into the ground.

Democrats Joe Biden (who created doubt about the COVID vaccine before taking it himself), Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, Gretchen Whitmer, Nancy Pelosi, Steve Adler, and on and on and on set harsh COVID lockdown rules for citizens they treated as subjects, then went out and blatantly violated those rules.


Rules for thee but not for me is no longer a glitch with the Democrats. It’s how they actually think of the rest of us. It’s how they govern.

They are not pushing these House rules because they believe they’re the right thing to do. They push them to divide the country and keep their own power base. In Pelosi’s case, she’s being led by the nose by far-left radicals such as McGovern and AOC because she fears them.

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