Austin Mayor Steve Adler Told Residents to 'Stay Home' — From His Hotel In Cabo [UPDATED]

Austin Mayor Steve Adler defends controversial homeless policy.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm gave us the useful phrase “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” That book was written as an allegorical warning against communism, but since COVID-19 struck, Democrats tend to use it as a how-to.


The latest case in point is Austin Mayor Steve Adler. Back in November, he told Austin to stay home to stay safe. But he wasn’t at home at all when he said this.

Adler literally lives in a penthouse from which he can survey his domain. From that penthouse, far removed from the streets, he has allowed all manner of horrors to inflict the peasants such as allowing the homeless to camp out all over town under every overpass (but not at city hall!) and the defunding of the police who defend the ordinary folk from criminals. He has also shut down local businesses, including the live music scene, killing one of the things that gave Austin its unique vibe.

He also intends to raise taxes to pay for a mass transit train set that, thanks to COVID, few are likely to use.

Adler has managed to top all of that under his COVID-infused oligarchy.

Cabo San Lucas is not a swank neighborhood on the outskirts of Austin. It’s in Mexico. As in, not even in the country of the city whose residents Adler told to stay home.


All Austinites are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Is this worse than Denver Mayor Michael Hancock telling his city to stay home for Thanksgiving before he jumped on planes to go to Houston and Mississippi?

At least Hancock stayed in the same country. Adler secretly and stealthily ran for the border, and that was after he hosted a small wedding for his daughter. As the reporter who caught Adler points out:

Adler told KVUE Senior Reporter Tony Plohetski that he did not violate his own order or orders by Gov. Greg Abbott and took multiple steps to ensure the safety of his guests, including rapid COVID-19 testing.

But the private actions are from a public official who has been front and center urging Austinites to take COVID-19 precautions – and he even did so while he was out of the country.

Quite right. This isn’t a case of Adler violating the letter of an edict, as Gov. Gavin Newsom and so many other Democrats have, it’s just a case of being sneaky and wrecking what’s left of his moral authority to tell anyone anything by violating the spirit he supposedly intends. It’s, “do as he says but not as he does.” People see through that and act accordingly.

Actions such as this undermine the entire narrative, actually encouraging people to take risks in their own lives, just as letting the riots happen did a few months ago. Science is science, so we’re told, but it’s only science for some of us. You want to riot, fine, apparently the virus won’t touch you because it approves of your cause. But if you want to go to church, you may face fines or even arrest, because the virus apparently is not a bug of faith. Want to get a drink at a bar, the virus is gonna get you. But if you can order food in the same exact place, the virus leaves you alone. COVID is apparently the Santa Claus of the virus world, and only targets you if you’re naughty by arbitrary, shifting, and often politically-driven standards.

It’s all quite destructive. The big-box retailers have gained massive privilege over small businesses all over the country, with the shutdowns killing about 100,000 of the latter, and oh by the way it’s all stirring up a bit of revolutionary fever.

And here’s Mayor Adler, flitting from one personal Versailles to another while telling everyone else to hide at home lest the virus get them. Let them eat tacos…take-out only. 

It’s leadership 101. Don’t ask your folks to do anything you’re not willing to do yourself. Set the example and then live it. Basic. But how many elected Democrats have thrown this whole idea out and violated their own edicts while also shutting down churches and businesses but leaving other similar but politically-approved crowd-magnets open, and also, by the way, shutting down schools not because the kids there are at risk, but because the teachers’ unions demand the schools be shut down? We’re gonna need a spreadsheet to keep track of all of ’em.

Update: This is from the Todd and Don Show on KLBJ in Austin, and it’s beautifully disturbing.

Graphic from social media.
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