Rioters Hit Denver, Smash Family-Owned Sandwich Shop

Family cleans up after Denver rioters smash into their Quiznos sandwich shop.

On Saturday night, the ongoing riots in Democrat-run cities hit Denver, Colorado. Rioters threw a bike at a motorcycle cop, set a tree on fire (so much for being environmentally sensitive), set fires in the streets, shot fireworks at police, threw rocks at a sheriff’s vehicle, burned an American flag, painted anti-police graffiti, and caused enough mayhem that police arrested nine of them. One police officer was reportedly injured, but the extent of the injuries is unknown.


The rioters, who were dressed in black and equipped with helmets and shields, also smashed windows and busted into a downtown Quiznos. KUSA reports it has been owned by a local family for more than a decade.

The rioters divide and destroy.

The Denver riot, like so many in other cities before, grew out of an anti-police protest.

The rioters claim they want the police abolished, and always escalate demands to justify their violent riots. One Denver city council member has proposed abolishing the police department and replacing it with an unarmed agency that would still somehow be tasked with keeping the peace. That effort has gone nowhere, so far.

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