Report: Seattle's Breakaway CHOP Is Now a Murder Scene UPDATED

Reported murder scene in Seattle's CHOP. Photo from Twitter/Omari Salisbury.

If you listen to much of the media, Seattle’s anarchist-occupied section is part street party, part SJW indoctrination center. It’s certainly the latter, but it’s perhaps less of a carnival despite Police Chief Carmen Best’s insistence that it’s not a “cop-free zone.”


Last week an unwilling resident found himself and his business subjected to crime after a CHOP speaker urged the crowd to attack, and neither the police nor the fire department showed up to help him.

Today there’s a report of a murder, followed by another shooting.

No additional detail is available yet. Journalist Omari Salisbury tweets that he may have an update later today.

Seattle’s Mayor Jenny Durkan and Gov. Jay Inslee could restore order at any time. They are choosing not to. Both are Democrats. They’re allowing this.


UPDATE: The Seattle Times reports on the “pandemonium” surrounding the shootings.

Police, Fire Reportedly Refused to Respond to Crime in Progress in Seattle’s Breakaway CHOP


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