'You Are Part of the Problem!' - VIDEOS Show ANTIFA Instigators Sparking Vandalism and Riots

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One of the most important questions of the past few days is just who is instigating the violence and looting that’s gripping so many U.S. cities? Is it random and in response to the police killing of George Floyd, or is it something more sinister that is taking advantage of the protests to spark anarchy? Is it really a cry for undefined change or an end to racism, or is it violence for its own sake or for the sake of instigating racial unrest and overthrowing our government?


When the left, from the New York Times on down, has been actively trying to undermine and “smash” the “system”?

The following videos provide some clues. It’s not the average black protesters in many, perhaps most, cases who are instigating violence and vandalism.

It’s young white people dressed in black bloc antifa garb, at least as captured in the following videos posted on Twitter. It’s impossible to say how truly representative these videos are, but there are many videos like these. And it only takes a few pockets of instigators to move from place to place causing damage to create widespread damage and violence within a city. Fewer than a hundred such terrorists, dispersed between cities, is probably all it takes.

This video shows two young white girls in black bloc attire spray-painting BLM graffiti on a Starbucks. A black woman confronts them and tells them to stop.

Another video shows more white antifa instigators breaking into a building while a black woman screams at them to stop.


This one is inspiring. Peaceful protesters spy an antifa instigator chipping projectile stones out of pavement and apprehend him.

A couple more. Some people, such as the woman in the second tweet, are just taking advantage of lawlessness.

The looting appears to follow after the instigators break the windows and doors and expose businesses to destruction. It’s all criminal activity. Looters are choosing to become criminals, in many (but who can say how many?) cases following mob mentality whipped up by antifa.

It’s possible that some of the 16,000 criminals released by major cities during the pandemic are now participating in the looting and violence too.

The antifa action appears to be very well organized and planned nationwide. They’re infiltrating protests and instigating trouble.

I’ll leave with this. Unorganized Americans can stop them. The ones in the second video did.


The timing of the riots is no accident. The horrific killing of George Floyd by (fired and charged) police officer Derek Chauvin sparked legitimate protests. With 40 million Americans out of work and a nation divided on edge from the pandemic lockdowns, antifa probably can’t believe their luck. Hijack the protests with a few handfuls of operatives and American cities, most of them led by weak and inept hacks, are easy prey. Instigators like the “Molotov sisters” are probably in every one of these cities.

It’s easy and lazy to merely call for “change,” as many now are. What change? Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder. There’s a federal investigation. The system is working. Should he be turned over to the mobs?

Calling for change is a dodge. The left has encouraged a “smash the system” mentality for decades. The New York Times wins the Pulitzer for running a dishonest project designed to destroy America from its founding.

Well, here we are.

It will take strong leadership at the local, state, and federal level to stop this and bring people together. I’ll commend San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, a Democrat, for his leadership in the crisis to date. Antifa has threatened to hurt and destroy the Alamo for years. The Cenotaph, which is the tall statue out in front of the Alamo, was vandalized with leftist slogans typical of antifa late last week.


A protest on the plaza and in the streets in the area could have easily tipped into violence on Saturday. An armed militia was on hand and almost itching for a reason to open fire. There was some looting of shops in the area Saturday night. Police used pepper balls to disperse the crowds and protect businesses and the city’s historic sites.

Mayor Nirenberg imposed an early curfew Sunday night and surrounded the Alamo with a very heavy police presence to protect it. It wasn’t harmed, and San Antonio was relatively quiet Sunday night.

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