Take the Red Pill, Joe Rogan

Screenshot from the Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan, Texan? It just might happen.

The podcast star and comedian is fed up now that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has once again extended the state’s lockdown.


The numbers supposedly driving the extension really don’t add up. California is our most populous state with 39 million residents but it ranks fifth in overall cases according to Statista and is in the green according to the Guardian, way behind New York. But it remains locked down with the contradictory and nonsensical rules that have come to typify some of the blue states.

Rogan has had enough and he said so on his podcast Thursday (language warning, he’s an uncensored kind of guy).

“Texas is buck wild bro,” Rogan said at the top of his remarks. “You can bring a gun.”

“Hey I might move to Texas,” he continued. “Here’s the thing. If California continues to be this restrictive, I don’t know if this is a good place to live. First of all, it’s extremely expensive. The taxes here are ridiculous.”

One-party Democrat rule will do that.

“And if they really say that we can’t do stand-up until 2022…I might jet. I’m not kidding,” Rogan said. “I’m not kidding. This is silly. I don’t need to be here.” Rogan noted that he stays in California now just because his friends and associates are there, as is the legendary Comedy Store.

“But if they won’t let us do the Store,” he said, “we could do stand-up other places. Why would we stay here?” Rogan speculated that he might move to Austin, Dallas, or Houston if he pulls up stakes and moves to the Lone Star State.


Rogan made his remarks the day after Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy went on a video rant against continuing the coronavirus lockdowns. That anti-virus rant went viral itself.

After musing about moving to Texas, Joe then calls Bryan Callen, who goes on to describe how the government of California no longer represents him and he is tired of seeing the lockdown goalposts move. Take the red pill, Bryan…

This feeling isn’t isolated to Rogan, not at all. After Portnoy’s video went viral, Barstool posted the Rogan clip above and added some additional thoughts.

It is incredibly frustrating. It feels political and it is impossible to know who is right and who is wrong, but if you want to get back to living your life it seems like your only course of action is to move to a place where they allow that to happen. Or maybe not. Who knows. It feels like a dramatic move, but if you have the means to to do it and you are willing to take the risks, why not? Going out in public sounds pretty sweet right now.

A lot of people are getting red-pilled by Democrats taking every opportunity to impose more extreme and illogical lockdowns, and then extending them long past the original “two weeks to flatten the curve” we were all promised. LA County’s is extended into August as of today. It’s out of hand now, and people all over are noticing — Elon Musk, Dave Portnoy and now Joe Rogan are all fed up with it.


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