Austin Comes Up With Inane 'Gun Surrender' Program. Gun Dealers Have Thoughts.

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How dumb is liberal Austin — the city of empowered homeless citywide campouts (except at city hall)?

This dumb.

Looking to give up your guns? The Austin Police Department has you covered.

On Jan. 28, 2020, the APD is holding a no-questions-asked gun surrender service where citizens can turn over their unwanted firearms and ammunition.


They’re serious. Give ’em your guns for free that you paid for with real money… because reasons.

There are only a couple of reasons someone would actually do this. One, the gun doesn’t work and can’t be repaired. Two, the individual committed a crime with the gun and wants to get rid of it so they can get away with the crime.

Now, you might be thinking that in the first case they could still get a little more money for it than the zero Austin is offering, and you’d be right. And removing it from wherever it was doesn’t stop any crimes. In the second case, the individual could toss the gun into Town Lake or pretty much any other body of water or bury it in a hole or a come up with a few thousand other ideas and be done with it, and you’d be right again. Criminals being criminals, even tossing the gun doesn’t stop any crimes. It probably begets more — the criminal is still on the streets.

And if Austin helps a criminal dispose of evidence of a crime, does that make the city an accessory to the crime?


APD knows this is a dumb idea. The Austin Police Association hasn’t posted a word about it on social media. They are instead focusing on the recent story by The Texan, which reports that homeless criminals are getting out of jail and causing more mayhem thanks to another asinine city/liberal judge policy. Remember the Freebirds murder, which was Austin’s first murder of the new year? The Texan story is relevant to that. APD does not like the homeless lawlessness policy, and surely does not like this policy either.


The local CBS station posted about the “gun surrender” story on Facebook. It went about as well for Austin as you’d expect in the comments, with local gun dealers offering cash. And competing for business.

Austin gun dealers offer cash

They’re both more reputable than the city of Austin.


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