Commie Comedian Russell Brand HATES IT When You Point Out That He's Fabulously Rich

Russell Brand, English communist comic who hates corporations even while they make him rich, has been protesting corporations making profits in London. Huffington Post, a corporation that has made its namesake even richer than she already was, has been dutifully reporting on the anarchic proceedings.


A reporter for Channel 4 London did something daring. He pointed out to Brand that he’s rich enough to have property in London. Brand didn’t like that. At all. The action comes at the :39 mark, when the reporter asks Brand “How much did you pay for your place?” Brand responds angrily, which is ironically funny, and tells the reporter what his job is, which is even funnier.

The very rich comic says that “profit is a dirty word” and has called for a massive redistribution of wealth. Just, not his wealth.


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