Democrat Kills Driverless Car Because She Just Couldn't Resist Pushing a Big Button

If this isn’t a metaphor for the current Democratic Party, I don’t know what is. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) was supposed to ride in a cool new driverless car today, for a demo. There is video at the link. It’s hilarious and depressing at the same time.


As soon as Holmes gets into the car, she spots a big, red button. That button is clearly labeled “EMERGENCY STOP.”

She pushed it.

It killed the car. Of course it’s a Government Motors car. Why did you ask?

Holmes didn’t bother to ask the guy next to her, who is one of the car’s engineers and an expert on how it works, what the button does before she pushed it. No no no, don’t ask the expert.

She just gave the thing a whack.

And killed the car.

And killed healthcare.

And lost Iraq.

And killed the economy.

And erased the border.

h/t Ace


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