Pelosi Isn't Even Sure that the VA Scandal is a Scandal

In an interview with Vox, the Democratic Party’s leader in the House says that she isn’t even sure that the Veterans Administration scandal is actually a scandal. She’s just…not sure.


Ezra Klein asks Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat elected in one of the safest Democrat districts in the nation, “What is your position right now on the ongoing scandal in the Veterans Health Administration? What do you think we know about it? What do you think should be done about it?”

Pelosi responds, “Well, I think any time that our men and women in uniform are not served in the manner in which they deserve, you could perhaps call it a scandal because it’s scandalous that they’re not. Whether it is a scandal with intention and the rest of that, the evidence remains to be seen. But the fact is that they haven’t been served worthy of their sacrifice or their role in our country.”

An inspector general’s report released Wednesday found that the scandal is indeed a scandal. About 50 VA hospitals nationwide have put thousands of veterans on secret waiting lists, and VA officials were even given bonuses for skillfully hiding the problem. More than three dozen veterans are believed to have died awaiting care.


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