Liberals React to Massive Koch Bros. Hospital Donation with Gratitude. Just Kidding. They're Freaking Out and Making Threats.

Liberal activists literally put their politics ahead of others’ health care. This is not a story about Obamacare.

On the surface, it appeared that a major New York hospital had gratefully accepted a $100 million gift from a philanthropic family with a long history of donating to the arts, higher learning and medicine.

But the new wing at New York-Presbyterian Hospital inspired a bizarre protest last weekend by activist groups including the NAACP New York State Conference, the New York State Nurses’ Association and the hospital-employee union SEIU Local 1199.

The new structure will simply be an ordinary wing of a hospital doing regular hospital stuff like saving lives, charging $25 for a Tylenol and (equally important to the unions, you would think) employing lots of healthcare professionals. The $100 million gift was the largest in the hospital’s history.

No, the only thing the liberal interest groups didn’t like about the new hospital wing was its funding source: the philanthropist known as David H. Koch. The new wing was gratefully to be named after Koch, who along with his brother Charles stands as one of today’s great philanthropists.

Among the many David Koch gifts to this city alone are a previous $15 million to New York-Presbyterian’s Weill Cornell Medical Center, $30 million to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, $25 million to the Hospital for Special Surgery, $20 million to a dinosaur exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, $65 million to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and $100 million to the Lincoln Center theater that is home to the New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera.


Read the rest at the NY Post. Liberalism has become a reactionary, hate-based cult.



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