Out: Obamacare Is Great! In: Obamacare Is Being Sabotaged!

The claim that Obamacare is being “sabotaged” is not coming, at least publicly, from the DNC or the White House. It’s coming from alleged journalists.


Dana Milbank:

Milbank: “There has been an element of sabotage in slowing these (exchanges) down, the exchanges are not working in states where there are Republican governor not participating in the exchanges. In the larger picture here, if the Republicans continue to cast doubt on Obamacare, make it look like a disaster in all areas and all its manifestations, it means the young people they need to get to enroll in the program don’t want anything to do with the disaster an it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So there is logic to having hearings and complaining about the thing…”

Apparently Republican “doubts” forced Sebelius to botch her gazillion-dollar website. Republican “doubts” forced Obama to lie about his law for three years. Republican “doubts” are forcing insurance companies to cancel insurance, driving doctors out of practice, and making Obama’s defenders say plainly idiotic things.

Those are some strong doubts.

Fox’s Geraldo Rivera is inclined to agree:




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