Obamacare Forces Pennsylvania Mom to Choose Between Insurance or Feeding Her Family

WFMZ TV in Doylestown, PA brings us the latest report on how Obamacare is one gigantic economic tornado ravaging the heartland.

According to WFMZ’s report, a group rallied in Buckstown to call for changes to Obamacare. Among them was a mother from Morrisville, PA who told reporter Will Lewis that “the choice for her has come down to selecting a new health plan or putting food on the table.” Literally.


LEWIS: “Jennifer Most told the crowd she went to the government website with all intentions of signing up. Jennifer and her husband are disabled, on a fixed income, and their 5-year-old has a few medical problems, as well. In order to stay covered.”
MOST: “My premium for health insurance was $947.63.”
LEWIS: “That is a over $765 more than what she currently pays.”
MOST: “It would take food out of our mouths to be able to afford these coverages.”

Jennifer Most will probably hear from the IRS soon enough. One must not resist assimilation into Obamacare.

Americans are finding out what’s in Obamacare, three years after Democrats passed it. What’s in it are higher costs, if you can find them within the Healthcare.gov site that’s so impossible to use that it’s bad for one’s health.

Watch the whole report here or here.


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