Airport Terminal Erupts in Spontaneous Ovation for Veterans

It’s the 12th anniversary of 9-11. This wonderful thing happened.


If that doesn’t put a lump in your throat, not much will.

Twelve years on from 9-11, it’s more difficult than ever to put that day and the years since into words.

The same nation that will leap to our feet to honor veterans, elected the weakest and least experienced president in American history. And then re-elected him. I guarantee you that the likes of Assad and Putin read more into those two elections than into any “red line” drawn on any single act or issue.

9-11 is now two anniversaries: the attacks on American soil twelve years ago that killed nearly 3,000 of us, and the attack at Benghazi one year ago. The first is still, for most Americans, a source of unity. We’re still sad, we’re still angry. Bin Laden is dead but the menace lives on. The second is a source of division, due directly to the Obama administration’s shameful conduct.

It’s clear now that 9-11 was so distant in memory to the Obama administration last year that it didn’t even bother to bolster security at a vulnerable American outpost when it was most obviously going to be a target. For all the words that President Obama and members of his administration speak today, their failure at Benghazi and the cover-up that continues speak more loudly. Hillary Clinton must answer for her failures and her dishonesty. She and Obama and Susan Rice must answer for their dishonest and disgraceful attack on the First Amendment after Benghazi.


If America follows up the Obama years with another Clinton presidency, that will speak more loudly than any ovation for veterans in an airport. It will call into question all of today’s statements that we will “never forget.”



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