Weiner Plays the Race Card

A. Weiner’s prickly arrogance is on display again. After yesterday’s eruption in the face of a voter in New York, the world’s most infamous tweeter says “Racist comments made me do it!” Or something.


A few hours after New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner had a heated confrontation with a voter Wednesday, he addressed the situation after an appearance at a senior center in Manhattan.

Weiner characterized his behavior as an “appropriate” response to a man who had said “vile and racist things about my wife.” He also dismissed the notion he has an anger management problem or is becoming unhinged on the campaign trail.

Let’s watch the video again. While it rolls, ask yourself this question: If someone had said “vile and racist things” about your wife, wouldn’t you call them out on that instead of engaging in an undergrad level “who are you to judge me” routine? As half of an interracial couple myself, I know how I would have behaved. Not like this.

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Weiner never, not one single time, calls the man out for making any “vile” or “racist” remarks — even though Weiner knows that he is on camera the whole time. Does that make any sense? I’m sure Huma is happy happy happy to get dragged back into her husband’s ridiculous behavior, again.

“He was saying things within my earshot, but not to me and saying some pretty vile things. And apparently, he didn’t expect that I would not stand idly by for it, and I think I put him in his place,” Weiner explained to a group of reporters outside of the senior center. “Just because someone is running for office doesn’t mean you have an unabridged right to say whatever nasty and vile things you want. … Part of doing that means that someone is going to respond to you and, by the way, that’s the way it’s going to be as mayor too. There are going to be people who are going to think that they can say whatever they want and the answer is that they can’t.”


Actually, they can say whatever they want. Add “totalitarian” to Weiner’s other ignominious titles. And there’s no evidence that Weiner’s target said anything other than questioning why a man such as Weiner is fit for office. Weiner’s own behavior on that recording gives the game away. Weiner even says on the recording that the man “waited till I walk[ed] out to say anything.” So much for the “vile” and “racist” remarks.

We’ve gone from “I wuz hacked!” to “He’s a racist!” Through it all, the one consistent fact is that Weiner is a lying creep.

Anthony Weiner is arguably the most despicable and despised figure in politics today. He’s an unsuited clown in an X-rated side show. He is a unifying figure of universal ridicule. His playing the race card just may taint that tactic for a while. If so, A. Weiner may have given us all a hand.


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