Dem Congresswoman: Loyalty to Obama is 'Only Reason' She Would Support Strike on Syria

Well, this lets the cat out of the bag: Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton and presumably many other Democrats would only wage a war on Syria out of their personal loyalty to a man. Not the nation. Not our national interests or security. A man — Barack Obama.


Asked whether the president would be justified in taking action even after Congress potentially votes down his proposals, Norton said: “No, oh boy, no. I think it’ll be like the red line trap. He said if the red line you cross it. I think once you say, ‘I’m going to Congress,’ you can’t say, ‘Okay, I’m going to do it anyway.’”

As D.C.’s delegate to Congress, Holmes is unable to actually cast a vote in the debate, but she told Press: “If [Obama] gets saved at all, I think it’ll be because, it’ll be because of loyalty of Democrats. They just don’t want to see him shamed and humiliated on the national stage.”

She elaborated: “At the moment, that’s the only reason I would vote for it if I could vote on it.”

Wind this back a bit. Holmes may also be admitting that Democrats like herself opposed Bush purely because he was not man they personally had any loyalty to, despite the office he held. And wind that back a bit. Why would Democrats such as herself feel that way?

Party, race, or both?


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