Meet Brenda Edwards, Mother of Accused 'Bored' Teen Killer James Edwards

Did “bored” teen James Edwards learn about crime from his mother? Edwards is the 15-year-old apparent gang member accused of shooting Australian baseball player Chris Lane in the back last Friday. He appeared in court Tuesday and reportedly made a mockery of the proceedings.


A search on turns up one Brenda M. Edwards, 50, of Stephens County, Oklahoma. I called the Stephens County district attorney’s office today and confirmed that Brenda M. Edwards is James Edwards’ mother.


Edwards is currently incarcerated in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Her extensive rap sheet begins in 1994 with a conviction for larceny, and spans her son’s entire life. Click on the image to enlarge.


She has three known aliases. As things stand now, her relationship with Oklahoma’s criminal justice system won’t end for several decades. Her multiple convictions include distribution of cocaine. She was in court in Duncan, OK, as recently as May 2010, when she was found to have violated her parole by obtaining prescription drugs by fraud. Her probation was revoked.

If we’re going to blame a “culture” for James Edwards’ alleged part in Chris Lane’s murder, as some want to blame the so-called “gun culture,” shouldn’t the culture of recidivist criminality come under scrutiny?


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