Nancy Pelosi Lives In Her Own Fantasy Reality

Rep. Nancy Pelosi seldom disappoints at her Thursday news briefings. Today’s offering: Pelosi insists that the ObamaCare employer mandate has not been delayed.


( – During a press conference on Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was asked if she thinks there is “any virtue” in delaying Obamacare’s individual mandate as well as the employer mandate:“No.  Absolutely not.  I don’t think it’s virtuous at all,” Pelosi said. “In fact, the point is, is that the (business) mandate was not delayed,” Pelosi said.

“Certain reporting by businesses that could be perceived as onerous — that reporting requirement was delayed, partially to review how it would work and how it could be better.

“It was not a delay of the mandate for the businesses, and there shouldn’t be a delay of the mandate for individuals,” Pelosi insisted.

Actually, the whole employer mandate has been delayed for a least a year. The Treasury Department announced the delay in a blog post on July 2. The whole country has been discussing the delay ever since, the fact of the delay itself and how lawless it is to just gut a law on a whim.

The House next week will consider a proposal to delay the individual mandate, and to delay both mandates permanently. Pelosi apparently plans to sleep through all of that action.


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