Sessions: Even the Gang of Eight Don't Really Understand Their 'Disastrous' Immigration Bill

Appearing on the Andrea Tantaros Show today, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) took on Sen. Marco Rubio and the other seven members of the Gang of Eight who are pushing for Congress to pass a sweeping, “comprehensive” immigration bill.


Tantaros asked Sessions if Rubio has “betrayed the Tea Party” by pushing the bill. Sessions did not directly answer, but instead said that while Rubio is “wonderful,” he is “in error” on the bill. Sessions also said that no one, including the Gang of Eight themselves, really understand everything that is in the bill. “The legislation does not accomplish what they say” is does, Session said. “I’m not happy about the legislation,” Session added. “I think it’s a disastrous event.”

Sessions said that the issue is complex and that the American people do want action. They just don’t want what the Gang is selling.

“People do want something done. But the polls show that four to one, they get it. That is, the enforcement needs to come first, and the amnesty second.  And we’ve got it just backwards in this bill and that’s one of the fundamental problems,” Sessions said.

Sessions outlined some problems with the bill: It does not put security first, and it dramatically increases legal immigration despite two-thirds of the American people wanting legal immigration to either stay at the current rate or decrease.


Listen to the entire interview here.

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“This immigration bill grows government,” Tantaros asked as she restated her question of whether Rubio has betrayed the Tea Party that worked to elect him.

Session replied indirectly, saying that the immigration bill is worse than ObamaCare, which the Tea Party opposed. Sessions said that he is concerned that Rubio could be permanently damaged by the bill, and that the Republican Party stands to be heavily damaged as well. Sessions also said that the Gang’s bill was written by the most liberal members of both the GOP and Democrat caucuses and is not a good bill.

“The Senate ought to kill this bill,” he said, adding that the GOP-controlled House is doing “great work” on immigration and should take the lead.

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