NYT Asks, What Should We Make of the Lack of Global Warming?

For some comic relief, read the New York Times’ latest on global warming, or rather, the lack of global warming. Writer Justin Gillis struggles mightily to explain why the data show no warming over the last 15 years even as greenhouse gases have supposedly piled up faster than scandals in the Obama administration.


The one theory not proffered: That the previous years of warming were due to natural cycles and/or were hyped by scientists and flunkies like Al Gore because it served their political agendas.

Gillis even suggests that global warming skeptics are cherry-picking data now. He never considers that proponents ever did that, even though the Climategate emails prove that they did.

It’s a nice, light, quick read on the state of mind within the embattled global warming hype movement. They’re having a major sad because the data just won’t rid them of meddlesome capitalism.



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