Billionaire Bloomberg Badgers Moms ... Who Suck Baby Binkies?

This advertisement is currently running in New York’s subway system. New Yorkers’ tax dollars are paying for it.

It’s part of a program launched by the New York Health Department back in February, aimed at reducing tooth decay to keep the city’s kids in school more. UPI reported on the program at the time of its launch.


Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City’s health commissioner, said tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease yet it is largely preventable. In New York City, more than a third of third-grade children have untreated tooth decay and 55 percent of third-graders have had a cavity.

Untreated tooth decay can cause pain, infection, difficulty eating and speaking and reduced self-esteem due to appearance.

This new campaign educates the public of the risk factors for tooth decay and gives parents and caregivers of young children tips to help prevent tooth decay, Farley said.

One of those tips, apparently, is telling moms not to suck on your baby’s pacifier. What mom does this?

No word on whether, if the ads don’t do the trick, Bloomberg and his Health Department will just make an ordinance to ban pacifiers and food sharing.

Recent Bloomberg NY Health Department campaigns that tell people what to do in their private lives include making breast feeding mandatory, and banning large sugary drinks. The latter has been overturned in court and is now being appealed.



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