Obama's Immigration Plan: Faster Path to Citizenship, No Border Security

President Obama will unveil his immigration reform proposals today. They are about as bad they can be, from a rule of law and border security point of view.

Like the senators’ plan, Obama’s proposal calls for a pathway to citizenship for many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. The senators’ plan would grant “probationary legal status” immediately to eligible undocumented immigrants, but would not allow them to apply for permanent legal status, or a green card, until the border is deemed to be secure. Think of that as a trigger system.

On the other hand, Obama’s framework would not contain a border security measure. Administration officials told media outlets that they believe a path to citizenship needs to be straightforward. They also believe a trigger system, like the one in the senate plan, could lead to a state of legal limbo for the undocumented immigrants who receive legal status, The Washington Post reported.


Obama is not proposing legislation, but the gruel he is offering is designed to pull the debate to the left and weaken the already weak push for real security on the border. The president is putting his cards on the table to undermine American sovereignty. In due time, he’ll pull the rug out from under Sen. Marco Rubio and the Republicans involved in the Gang of Eight, and they can be expected to play the fool.

And they will. Rubio is already earning strange new respect from the media for “evolving” on amnesty. He’ll get to John McCain territory soon enough, believing that the media really really love him, when they’re just using him as a weapon against other Republicans. Watch how much they love him when he decides he wants to be president.

The people who lose in all this, if any of these amnesty plans are passed, are the American citizens who work for a living and find their paychecks shrinking and jobs becoming more scarce. But then again, a majority re-elected a man who obviously does not have their best interests at heart.



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