Loving, Tolerant Liberals Create 'Murder Republicans' Video Ad Campaign

I think this ad falls under eliminationist rhetoric. It depicts Republicans as zombies before gleefully killing them in heinous and violent ways.

WARNING: It’s graphic to the point of being gross, and contains profanity and racist statements.


So ironic that your head may explode: The brain behind this ad is Luke Montgomery of FCKH8. Hate to the point of dehumanization and brutal murder is apparently perfectly ok as long as you hate the right people. If you’re a soccer mom who takes your kids to Sunday School and you’re not sold on redefining marriage just yet: This ad is targeted at generating irrational rage directly at you and your family. You’re the enemy here.

Notice that the way they’ve produced this ad, Montgomery & co can claim “Ah, it’s just a joke. Lighten up!” when anyone objects. “It was Halloween, zombies, right?” But the message is clear enough: Disagree with them and you’re subhuman and worthy of extermination. Wink wink, har har.

h/t Gateway Pundit



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