Did the Obama Campaign Steal 'Romnesia' From a Tweeter Who Calls Republicans 'Traitors' and Uses Homophobic Slurs?

Campaigns that are losing tend to behave as, well, losers. They flail. They grasp at straws. They come up with meme after meme and fling them at the voters, hoping something sticks. They say crazy things. They just don’t look like things are going their way.


The Obama campaign has accused Mitt Romney of murder, of being a felon in business, and they have turned the nation’s lonely eyes to Big Bird and binders. And then they briefly revisited the non-drinking, non-smoking Mitt’s felonious past. None of these have done anything but make the president look smaller and less presidential. He’s starting to look like a punk teenage truant standing next to Romney.

Today, the Obama campaign graced the political world with a new gotcha on Mitt Romney: “Romnesia.” President Obama’s official twitter feed and his campaign peeps have led the charge.

But Sooper Mexican traced “Romnesia” back to its probable origins: A tweeter whose handle is BatCrapCrazy 4 Obama, @SECrapp. “SECrapp,” an obvious twist on the name of conservative pundit S.E. Cupp, has photoshopped “ROMNESIA” into photos of Romney signs at campaign events. Har har.

BatCrap also enjoys a good prison rape joke at Tagg Romney’s expense.



BatCrap seems just the sort of person the flailing buckets of fail at the Obama campaign would turn to for bright ideas.

As another tweeter put it this morning after “Romnesia” started trending: Obama has shown that his second term agenda consists of telling jokes that aren’t even funny.

Update: The Atlantic found “Romnesia” in use among liberal blogs as well as on Prof. BatCrap’s twitter feed.


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