After Two Weeks of Cover-Up, Romney Says Obama Has the 'Responsibility for Candor'

The “responsibility for candor.” That’s a bloodless way of saying that the man needs to tell the truth.

There was a great deal of confusion about that from the very beginning on the part of the administration, and whether that was something that they were trying to paper over or whether it was just confusion given the uncertain intelligence reports — time will tell.”

He added that he believed the Obama administration “has responsibility for candor.”

During the news briefing on the plane and during the earlier rally in Wayne, however, Romney did not back away from his criticism that the president has led from behind.

“The Middle East and the world longs for American leadership,” Romney said on the plane. “Leading from behind is not the right course for America. We are increasingly being seen as being at the mercy of events, rather than shaping those events. And that comment is consistent with what’s developed in Iran, in Syria, Libya, Egypt. We can play a more meaningful role in shaping world events.”


Here’s one of Mitt Romney’s problems. He speaks in the passive voice almost all of the time. “Responsibility for candor.” “We are increasingly being seen as being at the mercy…” “We can play a more meaningful role…”

Mitt needs a speech coach, stat. One reason that Obama hasn’t entirely blown the race yet is that he speaks in active voice. We’re wired to trust active voice. This passive voice of Romney’s makes him seem weaselly even when he’s saying true things.

Obama doesn’t have a “responsibility for candor.” Barack Obama is our employee and “responsibility for candor” sounds like some kind of perfume. Romney needs to say clearly that President Obama owes America the truth about Benghazi. Now, not November 13. Romney needs to keep saying that every day until he forces Obama to answer. Romney needs to say that Obama has shown that he either can’t or won’t lead, and either way it’s time to replace him.

No more weasel words. No more passive voice. Put some blood on your tongue and free your inner hooligan if you have one. Subject verb colorful adverb exclamation point. Speak clearly. Win this thing.



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