'Non-Partisan' Voter Participation Center Partners with Left Wing MoveOn.org

“Non-partisan:” That word does not mean what Page S. Gardner would have her critics believe it means.

The link between the VPC and MoveOn.org was discovered by Walter and Judy Hoye of Rockville, who were puzzled in June when they received a voter registration form in the mail for their 38-year-old daughter, a registered voter who lives 12 miles away in Henrico County and has never lived at their current address.

The mystery deepened when they received a phone call several weeks after receiving the partially filled-out form from the Voter Participation Center.

The caller, they eventually learned, was a volunteer with MoveOn.org. The caller wanted to know whether their daughter had filled out the form.

The caller said “she was following up … to make sure that my daughter had got it and that she was going to vote,” recalled Judy Hoye, who took the call.

The Hoyes are apparently among more than 7,000 people in Virginia and 73,000 nationwide who received “reminder calls” from MoveOn.org, which has partnered with an affiliate of the Voter Participation Center in the mass mailing of millions of voter registration forms across the country that target Democratic-leaning voting blocs, such as unmarried women, young adults and minorities. Nearly 200,000 have been mailed to Virginia residents.

In response to an inquiry by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Voter Participation Center said: “In the interests of encouraging as many Americans as possible to register to vote,” it recently sold a mailing list to its sister organization, called the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund.

“The Action Fund in turn provided the list to MoveOn.Org Civic Action, which placed calls to eligible voters to urge them to register to vote in their local communities,” Gail Kitch, the center’s chief operating officer, wrote in an email.


There may some shenanigans buried in that explanation. The Women’s Voices Women Vote group is the Voter Participation Center, according to the VPC’s website.

The VPC was formerly known as Women’s Voices. Women Vote (WVWV). The name was formally changed in 2011 to reflect the fact the organization expanded its focus beyond its original emphasis on unmarried women to include the entire RAE.

Garder essentially sold the VPC’s voter list from her right hand to her left hand, which turned the list over to MoveOn.org. MoveOn.org is the infamous left wing group that authored this ad against one of America’s most decorated and capable military leaders, Gen. David Petraeus, when he led the war effort during the Bush administration.


h/t Disrupt the Narrative


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