CNN's Piers Morgan, First to Use Colorado Tragedy to Assault Second Amendment Rights

CNN host Piers Morgan wasted little time today to use the Colorado theater massacre to call for curbs on Americans’ Second Amendment rights. On Twitter this morning, Morgan has so far tweeted three times in regard to the tragedy. Shortly after 6 AM central, Morgan tweeted “Horrendous details from this Colorado cinema shooting. America has got to do something about its gun laws. Now is the time.”


About half an hour later, Morgan tweeted: “More Americans will buy guns after this, to defend themselves, and so the dangerous spiral descends. When/how does it stop?”

Twitter users reacted angrily, tweeting to Morgan to keep his opinions to himself.

But Morgan was not finished. Ten minutes later he retreated a bit, tweeting “Lunatics like this will always try and get guns. It should be 100,000 times harder than it is for them to do so. That’s my point.”

That was not the point of his first two tweets. Not even close.

Update: Screenshots of Morgan’s tweets. They are in reverse chronological order.

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