Haram or Halal? Turkish TV Clerics' War of Words Over Oral Sex

After one Muslim televangelist in Turkey got mocked for saying masturbating hands will be pregnant in the afterlife, Islamic clerics in Turkey are getting into more sexytime debates:


A popular Muslim televangelist in Turkey has opposed a recent statement by a colleague, who had declared “advanced oral sex” to be forbidden by Islam.

“Do not invent a lie on behalf of Allah,” said Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, popularly known as “Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca” (Robed Ahmet Hoca) among his followers, during his latest televised sermon.

Ünlü’s remarks were in response to Ali Rıza Demircan, a well-known expert on Islam, who claimed on Turkey’s state-run broadcaster TRT on July 10 that what he described as “advanced oral sex” was “haram” (forbidden) in Islam.

Contradicting Demircan, Ünlü said the Quran does not stipulate such a ban. “Brothers, let’s speak frankly: [Islam’s] Shafi’i sect allows this act, as it considers human semen a clean substance. On the other hand, the Hanafi sect considers semen as dirty, but adds that a dress can be cleaned by simply rubbing the semen off when it dries.”


Clinton references aside, Ünlü reassured Turks going into the weekend by noting “even clerics see oral sex as normal in Indonesia and Malaysia.”

Demircan’s “advanced oral sex” comments — he claimed it was a cause of divorce — provoked a great reaction from host Pelin Çift, seen in the video below. “Do you know what my problem is?” the cleric asked as she laughed. “For God’s sake… what’s your problem?” Çift answered.


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