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Youth Recognizing Value of Conservative Ideas

Recently, the New York Times ran a front-page article that highlighted the fact that young voters are disaffiliating from the Democratic Party at a record rate. The article was based on a Pew poll that showed Obama’s favorability margin among 18-29 year old voters had narrowed by almost 20%. But what the article didn’t dive into were the reasons behind this decline, and what the ramifications for Democrats will be come November.

The February Pew poll showed that only 54% of young voters approved of the president’s performance in office. But February was a long time ago. The federal government hadn’t rammed through a health-care bill that does nothing to improve costs or quality of coverage, the student loan process hadn’t been seized, and the Gulf hadn’t been contaminated.

While all of those events have been detrimental to his approval ratings across the board, none have been more damaging to his favorability among young people than the report that came out in August showing that nearly 20% of young adults can’t find work. At a time when the government has added $4.71 trillion to the national debt, 1 in every 5 kids can’t get a job? It has become crystal clear that the more the government wastefully spends, the less ability Americans have to find employment opportunities.

So the fact is this: every child born in this country today owes at least $118,000 to the national debt alone. But if they can’t find work, how do they pay off this debt? All of a sudden it has become clear to my generation that the man that so many enthusiastically voted for wasn’t who he claimed to be. His true intentions have been exposed, and his political stances are now clearly defined. Across the nation, young people are breaking up with the Democrats, and looking to the power of conservative ideas such as fiscal responsibility and individual initiative. Expect a Republican resurgence this November.

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