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German Police Arrest Four in Foiled ISIS Plot to Attack U.S. Military Base

Members of a special response unit of the German state police leave the site of a search operation in Fellbach, Germany, Tuesday, June 25, 2013. (AP Photo/dpa, Franziska Kraufmann)

It’s useful to remember that there are other problems in the world besides the coronavirus and one of them is Islamic terrorism.

The fanatics apparently don’t pay much attention to the news and I doubt whether they’re following WHO guidelines on how to stop the spread of the virus. Instead, terrorists are going to do what terrorists do and to hell with the rest of the world.

In Germany, four terrorists were arrested after plotting to attack a U.S. military installation and assassinate a critic of Islam.


German authorities say police have arrested four suspected members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who were planning an attack on American military facilities. Federal prosecutors said the suspects were arrested by tactical police units early Wednesday at various locations in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

They identified the men as Azizjon B., Muhammadali G., Farhodshoh K. and Sunatullokh K. – all citizens of Tajikistan. The suspects’ surnames weren’t released for privacy reasons.

The men’s alleged leader, a 30-year-old Tajik man identified only as Ravsan B., has been in jail since March 2019 on unspecified charges.

ISIS is still trying to make a comeback in Iraq and Syria and is still intensely recruiting online for soldiers. Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic until 1991, is a small, mountainous country that borders Afghanistan and China. It’s not known as a hotbed of Islamic radicalism, although it’s 96 percent Muslim. Authorities have tried, with some success, to stamp out radical fundamentalism, so the country has remained relatively peaceful since a civil war in the early 1990s that followed independence.

The men were charged with “membership in a terrorist organization.”

Prosecutors said the men joined ISIS in January 2019 and were instructed to form a cell in Germany. They reportedly first planned to carry out an attack in Tajikistan but later shifted their target to Germany, including U.S. Air Force bases in the country and a person they deemed critical of Islam.

Throughout, they are alleged to have been in contact with two high-ranking ISIS figures in Syria and Afghanistan.

Prosecutors said the group had already obtained firearms and ammunition to carry out their attacks, while Ravsan B. had ordered materials to build an explosive device.

These are not “lone wolves” or rich Muslim kids trying to be terrorists. This was apparently a serious plot that was fairly well along when police stopped it. No word on how the men came to Germany, whether they were refugees or if they emigrated. What matters is that they were there and ready to commit violence against the United States.

How many more ISIS cells in western Europe? We probably won’t know until it’s too late.