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Targeting sexism in the most effective way

The Spearhead blog has a post listing feminist law professors by name and University which is titled, a href=”http://www.the-spearhead.com/2010/02/18/meet-your-oppressors/””Meet your Oppressors:”/abr /br /blockquoteAre you one of the millions of men who has seen his life crumble under the treads of the family law system? Did you ever wonder why hatred and abuse directed toward men was so prevalent in school? Maybe you’re an employer who got screwed in a sexual harassment lawsuit, or an employee who was falsely accused.br /br /Of course, the following list is not comprehensive, but it’s a good start. It shows where they work, and has links to CVs that detail their experience and affiliations. Those who are interested in activism can use the info to protest the nearest school, or if they are alumni to demand an explanation for why the school is promoting sexist, misandrist female supremacists./blockquotebr /br /The list has been taken from the a href=”http://feministlawprofessors.com/”feminist law professor blog./a Are all of these academics misandric female supremacists? I dunno, they might be or they span style=”font-style:italic;”might not./span I would want more span style=”font-style:italic;”specific/span instances and examples of exactly what these professors are doing that is harming men and then address those issues. For example, if they are truly teaching students in the classroom to be sexist, tape a session–depending on the law in your area– and put it on the web with a warning along with their name and university. Write to alumni and tell them what you found, along with the URL to the video and question whether they want to donate to support such abuse. Use specific examples, not generalities. br /br /I think men’s rights activists would be better off targeting more direct instances of injustice such as that ofa href=”http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-national/20100202/US.Cheater.Assaulted/” Judge Donald Poppy from Wisconsin /awho admits that he is sexist when administering court decisions, letting women off for sexual assault when he admits a man would be in jail. Writing letters, protesting near a sexist judge’s office or home, and calling his place of business would perhaps make him think twice about his injustice against men. Poppy is a href=”http://judgepedia.org/index.php/Donald_Poppy”running for re-election in April of 2010/a and the race is uncontested. Too bad.