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"People see a naked woman and they smile," he said. "They see a penis and they freak out."

This is a quote from a photographer who a href=”http://www.nypost.com/seven/08202009/news/regionalnews/striphanger_185422.htm”is snapping pictures of nude models around NYC/a (caution, nude model at the link):br /br / blockquoteA strip club isn’t the only place in town you can see a pole dance — amazed passengers on an L train watched in awe as a naked young woman competed with straphangers for space on a pole.br /br /The performance by actress Jocelyn Saldana, 19, lasted just 30 seconds, and some of the passengers probably thought they were hallucinating or dreaming.br /br /Most were blasé. But one woman started screaming and an elderly man next to her got the shakes. br /br /That free show in mid-June — as well as similar ones from Times Square to Chinatown — were the creation of photographer Zach Hyman, 22, whose portraits are never under-exposed./blockquotebr /br /Apparently, it’s harder to photograph naked men in public to be included in this “free show”: br /br /blockquoteAlex Reisner, a 20-year-old Columbia student, had a very appreciative audience when she disrobed in Chinatown.br /br /When Hyman snapped her jumping in the air in the middle of the street, the crowd burst into applause.br /br /”There was so much adrenaline,” she said. “I was bouncing around for the rest of the day. I told him I want to pose nude every weekend.”br /br /Hyman noted that “photographing females in public is easier than males.br /br /”People see a naked woman and they smile,” he said. “They see a penis and they freak out.” /blockquotebr /br /I am going to play a little naive here and ask you, dear readers, why you think this is so?