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Help Save Amy Alkon's column in the Orange County Register

Amy Alkon writes to let me know that her columns, which emphasize fairness to men, will be let go from the Orange County Register unless readers express support for them:br /br /blockquoteIn a world where domestic violence against men is laughed off — while Mary Winkler blows her husband away and gets away with it…where there’s rampant paternity fraud…where men are bled dry in court proceedings that take away access to their children…where men are squeezed out of opportunities (thanks to women-only and minority fellowships in the name of righting discrimination)…where selfish women feel free to become “single mothers by choice,” when piles of data show that children need daddies to have a good shot in life…and on and on…I use science and reason — presented with humor — to put out a column that is fair to men. In fact, because I’m so outraged by the rampant discrimination I see against men, it’s one of my main missions.br /br /With such a dearth of writing out there doing that job, I think that alone is reason my column needs to remain in the Orange County Register.br /br /Two things will save my column:br /br /1. If enough people write to the Register to tell them it’s a must-read for them. Write to [email protected] /br /2. If people start reading it online as of Tuesday. The editor has conceded to me that it’s been hard to find online (after readers wrote and told me the link was impossible to find).br /br /They’ve a href=”http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/sections/life/columns/amyalkon/”put up a permalink./abr /br /More about my column: I work hard to make my column something you can’t get anywhere else. I go to the same conferences and read the same journals as Ph.D.’s in psychology, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology. A few of my other big influences: the late Albert Ellis (who was a fan of my work), Nathaniel Branden, John Gottman.br /br /I get piles of mail from OC Reg readers every week, and I think my column is much more popular than they know because people have been reading it in the print edition only since it’s been impossible to find online.br /br /If you like and believe in my work, I hope you’ll take action to keep my column in the Register — both by writing to the editor and by starting to read me regularly at the permalink above. All the best,-Amy Alkon, advicegoddess.com/blockquotebr /br /In you are so inclined, write and let them know how you feel or at least click through the link above so that the span style=”font-style:italic;”OC Register/span will get the gist that the columns are worthwhile. I know I will!