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Don't "leave it to the other guy"

Glenn Sacks emailed to a href=”http://fathersandfamiliesblog.org/?p=1038″let me know about a lawsuit/a being filed by Fathers and Families, to stop new Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines:br /br /blockquoteFathers and Families has filed suit in Federal District Court in Boston to stop the scheduled January 1 implementation of new Child Support Guidelines. The suit seeks a temporary injunction halting the use of the new guidelines until a full hearing can be held. It will be heard before Judge D.P. Woodlock on Monday, January 5 at 10 AM in courtroom 1…..br /br /The new guidelines will cause almost all child support orders to increase substantially — when all factors are considered, middle-class recipients will enjoy a standard of living almost double that of payers who earn about the same amount. In some cases, child support orders will triple, even in cases in which the payer is poor and the child is economically comfortable because the custodial parent earns over $100,000. And in high income cases, the child support order for one child could be nearly $50,000.br /br //blockquotebr /br /Massachusetts is already an expensive place to live; if these new guidelines are passed, it will be harder, mainly for the divorced men in that state. a href=”http://fathersandfamiliesblog.org/?p=1038″Go take a look here /aand see what you can do to help. As Dr. Ned Holstein, the executive director of Fathers and Families says, “If you ‘leave it to the other guy,’ it won’t happen.”