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What's wrong with being a "himbo?"

I was looking at my hotmail account and came across the ridiculous caption, “Is he a himbo?” at MSN. According to the a href=”http://lifestyle.msn.com/relationships/articlemcmatch.aspx?cp-documentid=11074276GT1=32023″urban dictionary,/a a himbo is the male version of a bimbo, whore, or slut. I stupidly a href=”http://lifestyle.msn.com/relationships/articlemcmatch.aspx?cp-documentid=11074276GT1=32023″clicked on the article /a(I know, I know, don’t do it) and read the following:br /br /blockquoteIt’s a good thing I was reading the tabloids at my doctor’s office, because after looking at the latest Us Weekly and In Touch, I felt like I could use a heavy dose of antibiotics. I’m not sure when it hit me, but somewhere between the picture of Lance Armstrong holding hands with Kate Hudson (not long after he’d stopped canoodling with Ashley Olsen) and the snapshot of John Mayer catching some rays with Jennifer Aniston (mere months after telling Jessica Simpson he wanted to see other Wonderlands), I started to feel a little queasy. br /br /I’m no stranger to the porcine habits of men, what with being one and all. But doesn’t it seem like these guys are going a little beyond piggy lately?…br /br /Or perhaps these guys should take a cue from Cary Grant: By all accounts, he was the Ho of Babylon, and yet his legacy is all rakish charm and sex appeal. It’s a matter of style. br /br /Maybe I give Cary Grant a pass cuz he made Notorious, while Matthew McConaughey made Failure to Launch. Whatever. I’m just saying, guys — have a little self-respect, OK? Seriously. Keep your shirts on. Live strong./blockquote br /br /So, let’s get this straight. If women play the field, they are liberated. If men do the same, they are pigs with no self-respect. Give me a break. The guy who wrote the article is either jealous of these guys or has been so indoctrinated to telling females what they want to hear that he has to diss his own sex to make himself feel important. Either way, I say, if you’re male, single, and upfront with the women you date, let your inner himbo shine if you’re so inclined.