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"A Dad is More than a Paycheck"

a href=”http://proteinwisdom.com/?p=11621″Protein Wisdom /ais promoting what looks like a very good cause–a href=”http://cycling4children.typepad.com/cycling4childrencom/2008biketrek.html”an Equal Parenting Bike Trek:/abr /br /blockquoteA grueling 758 mile cycling trek to raise awareness of a child’s fundamental right to be loved, guided, educated and nurtured equally by both fit and willing parents. /blockquotebr /br /There is a href=”http://daddy.typepad.com/daddyblog/2007-equal-parenting-bike-trek.html”a news video about /aone of the fathers, Robert Pedersen, who is riding in the bike trek. Pedersen states in the video, “A dad is more than a paycheck.” This is why he is riding to raise awareness of the importance of fathers and the need to change child custody laws–particularly in Michigan. How wonderful. I just sent a small a href=”http://cycling4children.typepad.com/cycling4childrencom/2008biketrek.html”donation/a to help out with this worthy cause. I hope this is just the beginning of men fighting to change laws that are unjust, unfair, and that harm many children who desperately need dads.