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McCain, Obama Win Wisconsin, Washington, Hawaii To Obama

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Newsweek: “Wisconsin, a state hitherto best known for beer, cheese and the Green Bay Packers, may earn a place in history as the primary that finally tilted the race.”

TalkLeft: “The Last Stand is upon the Clinton campaign. It is the Lone Star state of Texas and in the Buckeye state of Ohio. She must win both. Or it is over.”

CNN: McCain takes Washington. Obama wins there too in non-binding primary.

Talk Left: Clinton “lost her base tonight, even though she narrowly defeated Obama among women voters.”

ABC News: Live results from Hawaii.

The Fix: “If there was any doubt whom McCain thinks he will face in November, his speech tonight removed all doubt. McCain attacked the ’empty call for change that promises no more than a holiday from history’ and wondered whether the country will ‘risk the confused leadership of an inexperienced candidate.’ Yowza.”

Marc Ambinder: Wisconsin Exit Polls: A Less Affluent, Less Well-Educated, Economically Sensitive Electorate.

The Moderate Voice: The Task for Huckabee and Clinton: Define Their End Games.

CNN: Obama wins Wisconsin.

John Dickerson: How Obama won Clinton’s base in Wisconsin

Jennifer Rubin: “[Obama’s] infatuation with words has led him to the mistaken conclusion that he can speak for 45 minutes without saying much of anything and impress his viewers.”

Politico: A huge night for Obama in Wisconsin?

Fox: McCain takes Wisconsin

Politico: Clinton Targets Obama’s Pledged Delegates

Honolulu Star-Bulletin: Chelsea Clinton Courts Maui Votes

Hot Air: Cindy McCain to Michelle Obama: “I’m proud of my country.”

AP: “Wisconsin is almost the kind of state Hillary Rodham Clinton would have invented to win a Democratic presidential primary, brimming with whites and working class voters who usually support her. A poor performance there Tuesday would raise big questions about her candidacy.”

Detroit Free Press: Wisconsin will be a blue-collar test

CNN: Polls show Hillary has a shot of ending Obama’s winning streak in Wisconsin

Boston Globe: Michelle Obama tells Milwaukee crowd, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.”

Political Base: Caucus Chaos Expected in Hawaii

CBS News: Hillary the Duck Hunter

NY Daily News: George Bush I scolds Republicans holding out on McCain.

Ann Althouse: Why I’m Voting For Obama.

Victor Davis Hanson: It’s official – Michelle is a loose cannon

Washington Wire: Obama camp lowering Wisconsin expectations

Politico: How Hillary Can Still Win

From the Road: Hillary fields questions in Green Bay

David Brooks: After Obama Mania: O.C.S. – Obama Comedown Syndrome

Professor VJ: Hawaii Loves Native Son Obama