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PJM Political 2/07/08--The Director's Cut Interviews

Many of the segments on each week’s edition of PJM Political are edited to fit the show’s hour-long length. To hear the full-length versions of the edited interviews presented this week, just follow the links below:

  • Host Bill Bradley’s complete post-Super Tuesday wrap-up. Click here to listen.
  • Spot the flip-flops in the complete edition of Mitt Romney’s accidental 2008 swan song on the Glenn & Helen Show. Click here to listen.
  • James Lileks on the GOP in the naughts: an echo, not a choice. Click here to listen.
  • Pajamas CEO Roger L. Simon and PJM Political Political producer Ed Driscoll talk Super Tuesday and the role of new media in the election year and beyond, with XM’s senior director of news programming, Scott Walterman. Click here to listen.