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McCain Triumphs, Clinton Wins a Tight Race

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Politico: Big state wins give Hillary an edge

CNN: Mitt vows to fight on

Mark Steyn: There was an explicit anti-Romney vote in the South

Josh Marshall: It’s hard to see how the Democratic fight won’t go all the way to the convention

CNN Political Ticker: Weather forced early poll closures in Arkansas and Tennessee

John Podhoretz: Why They Hate McCain

Politico: Obama delegate guy Jeff Berman says Obama leads in delegates, 606-534

Ross Douthat: Huckabee’s Bright(er) Future

USA Today: Clinton and McCain Win California

Hot Air: “As for Cali, say it with me, my friends. Never. Trust. Zogby.”

John Dickerson: The conservative crack-up is real

TalkLeft: “Obama had his fair shot and he did not deliver today. I do not think he will have another one.”

Captain’s Quarters: “McCain will benefit from Huckabee’s success, but he hasn’t closed out Romney altogether.”

Kesher Talk: Voting Republican in Liberal Manhattan

Victor Davis Hanson: The Die Has Been Cast.

Associated Press: Clinton wins American Samoa caucus

New York Times: All eyes on California

CNN: The results by states so far

Yahoo Finance: What the candidates want with your wallet

CNN: Obama wins Minnesota

CNN: Obama wins Colorado

CNN: McCain wins Arizona

CNN: Huckabee wins Georgia

Tom Bevan: “Will Mitt Romney be able to salvage an otherwise bad night by winning California? It seems unlikely, given the winner take all by CD allocation of delegates.”

CNN: Obama takes Kansas and Connecticut

Confederate Yankee: “A vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain”

Yahoo: Tornadoes kill 3 in the South

New York Times: Photos from Tri-State Area

CNN: Obama wins North Dakota

ABC News: McCain takes Oklahoma

CNN: Romney takes Utah

Associated Press: Clinton, Obama start anew

ABC News: Clinton wins New Jersey

ABC News: Hillary Clinton takes Massachusetts

New York Times: After tonight, a primary respite for all

Washington Post: Live coverage of candidates’s speeches

Josh Marshall: Chris Matthews right — McCain winning states Republicans rarely win in general elections

John Podhoretz: Hillary wins New York Jewish vote overwhelmingly

Michael Crowley: Clinton’s Massachusetts win the “Upset of the Night”

ABC News: Obama wins Alabama

CNN: Voters turn out in droves

San Francisco Chronicle: Voting advocates allege problems at Los Angeles polls

Campaign Spot: Exit polls: Arizona: McCain 36 percent, Romney 36 percent, Huckabee 7 percent.

Captain’s Quarters: A brokered Democratic convention?

Intrade: Prices McCain at 88.3, Clinton at 58.0

ABC News: Clinton takes New York

ABC News: McCain wins New York

McCain takes Delaware

Clinton carries Tennessee

Clinton, Huckabee take Arkansas

Obama projected winner in Illinois; Hillary gets Oklahoma. McCain projected winner in Connecticut, New Jersey and Illinois; Romney gets Mass.

ABC: “Change” beats “Experience” 2 to 1

Real Clear Politics Results Chart

NRO Campaign Spot: “I am told to expect an extremely late night in California. With the absentees included, and an additional wave of data from the field, McCain is up over Romney 40 percent to 38 percent…”

CNN: Barack Obama wins Georgia. No winner projected among Republicans

NRO: Exit polls: “Total landslide for Obama in most of the southern states”

Swampland: Obama thinks Hillary still the favorite

Campaign Spot: Early exit polls out, Romney poised to take Massachusetts

Intrade: Prediction markets show Clinton-Obama tossup

ABC: Oprah to the rescue during Chicago voting glitch

Daniel Drezner: “McCain has certainly been tested, and he deserves some credit for sticking to his positions even when they cost him the frontrunner status.”

Firedoglake: Clinton agrees to Fox debate

The Hill: Romney sees McCain-Huckabee backroom deal to divert votes

Shakespeare’s Sister: Last-minute tips for Hillary on her big day

Hot Air: Rush Limbaugh endorses Mitt Romney

KSAT: No Super Tuesday voting in Texas, though some people think there is

Protein Wisdom: A television viewer’s guide to Super Tuesday

The Corner: Huckabee wins West Virginia

LGF: “I tossed and turned all night, haunted by the ghosts of Rudy and Duncan. And when I awoke, it was all not a dream – we really do have to choose between McCain and Romney.”

TPM: Guaranteed: either Zogby or SurveyUSA will eat crow tonight

Pollster.com: Get ready for exit poll leaks at 5:00 p.m., plus tips for interpreting them

CNN: A super state-by-state guide to Super Tuesday

NY Post: Huge turnout in Manhattan — for New York Giants parade

Slate: Super Tuesday’s pivotal storylines-to-be

Drudge Report: Hillary stung by Super Tuesday coughing fits

CNN: Clinton advisor Terry McAuliffe says Obama would make good running-mate

Marc Ambinder: Bill Clinton’s Super Tuesday predictions

New York Times: Voices from the polls

Washington Post: Eight questions Super Tuesday could answer

AFP: Obama winning early votes abroad

Associated Press: N.J. governor can’t vote because of poll problems

Reuters: Obama, Romney lead in California

Rolling Stone: Mellencamp asks McCain to stop using his tunes

City Journal: Bizarre Bedfellows for Barack

CNN: Paper ballots could delay California results

Slate: Trying to glean some knowledge from the glut of Feb. 5 polls.

McClatchy: Clinton, McCain lead in bellwether Super Tuesday states

Commentary: Obama: The New Princess Diana?

NY Times: A guide of things to look for on Super Tuesday.

Politico: Bob Dole scolds Rush Limbaugh for bashing McCain

Irish Trojan in Tenn: Three reasons to vote for Obama

Reuters: McCain and Romney battling over who is real conservative.

LA Times: The Return of the Youth Vote

OpenLeft: “It can no longer be avoided: super delegates will determine the Democratic Presidential nominee this year.”

Dueling actors: Robert De Niro backs Obama, Jack Nicholson endorses Hillary.

Kirsten Powers: Why is Hillary losing women? “One irony of this race is that the male candidate has co-opted, and embodies, the lexicon of the feminist movement: change, hope, optimism.”

Race 4 2008: Tennessee Conservative Union Endorses John McCain

Southern Political Report: Romney surges against McCain in Georgia; Obama gains on Hillary in Alabama

IHT: Clinton and Obama remain in tough fight as McCain coasts

Politico: Media spars with Obama, other candidates over off/on the record statements.

Dick Morris: “Of the 10 states with reliable and recent poll data, Hillary leads in eight, although by razor-thin margins in California, Alabama, Missouri, Connecticut and New Jersey. Only in New York, Massachusetts and Tennessee does her lead seem secure. How did the Clinton machine falter so badly? And will the trend for Obama continue?”

Fred Siegel: “On the eve of Super Tuesday, the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama race resembles the closing minutes of a football game: Team Clinton has a small lead, but Team Obama has the ball-and the momentum. Some of that momentum derives from an extraordinary, if unspoken, m√©salliance that has emerged in recent months between conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats. Their hostility to the Clintons brings them together.”