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Bloggers Fighting Back

Thisa href=”http://althouse.blogspot.com/2007/06/i-fear-best-i-can-do-is-to-say-that-im.html” elitist and tacky behavior /aby emThe New Republic /emwriter Christopher Orr makes me glad we let our subscription to the magazine run out a couple of years ago. What I love is a href=”http://www.tnr.com/blog/show_comments.mhtml?b=the_plankpid=119116″the comment section at TNR /awhere almost all of the comments are supportive of Orr–and there are almost no comments supportive of Prof Althouse–except Prof Althouse. Looks fishy to me–I wonder if Orr’s elitism extends to editing out comments that disagree with his position? I guess Ann is correct when she states: br /br /blockquoteHa! You’d prefer to slam people and have them silently take it, right? Bloggers don’t do that. The comfy old days of MSM are gone. Thanks for admitting that you can’t handle the new situation where the people you attack have a way of fighting back.br /br /I repeat: Ha!/blockquotebr /br /I second that Ha.